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Skillfully written and carefully researched, Denise’s stories (on children’s mental health) convey the anguish of the children who endure desperate depression or compulsions they cannot ignore. Denise’s intelligent, thorough reporting and her sensitive writing about an urgent and significant issue earned her our applause for Journalist of the Year.

SCOTT WHITE, editor-in-chief, The Canadian Press and ANN RAUHALA, associate professor, Ryerson School of Journalism

Denise’s reporting is fueled by compassion but has a razor-sharp edge to it that makes her stories compelling. We can’t put them down and feel nothing.

JOHN MILLER, professor at Ryerson School of Journalism

Denise gets the message across because of an honest, forthright approach. She takes readers with her to see and feel domestic violence...
She is persuasive and convincing because of a commitment to directness and a willingness to allow the voices of those affected to be heard in her columns.

DONN GIBB, Professor emeritus, Ryerson School of Journalism

In Denise’s poignant portrait of (homeless woman) Princess Margaret, journalism and literature triumphantly intersect.

NEIL REYNOLDS, ONA judge and former editor of Vancouver Sun and Ottawa Citizen

Denise’s intensely personal tale of loss and redemption is the fine handiwork of a mature and assured writer. Her heartfelt honesty and simple, elegant writing style however, make it leap off the page as deeply moving and inspirational human drama.

KAREN VON HAHN, ONA judge and Globe and Mail columnist

Denise’s sensitively written reports on the people touched by her social services beat are balanced by the taut, demanding spot news coverage required to bring about change.


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